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Our Mission

The Mission of the Central New York Irish Festival is to promote the rich cultural heritage of Ireland throughout the Mohawk Valley/Central New York Region.  


This two-day festival features Irish/Celtic music and events.  The Central New York Irish Festival will bring the flavor and history of Ireland to a culturally diverse population in the Mohawk Valley through entertainment, cultural activities, athletic competitions, food experiences and retail shopping opportunities. 


The CNY Irish Festival appeals to people from the local region as well as people from all corners of the country and answers the call for an event that is culturally charged and family friendly.   The bands that are playing are both nationally and internationally known and draw many generations who all love to hear them play. 


The purpose of this festival is to bring Irish/Celtic culture, music and dance, as well as Highland Games and Celtic themed merchandise to the people, both Irish and non-Irish, of the region.

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